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Akakura Onsen & Shin Akakura Onsen

Location: Akakura Village, Myoko-Kogen

Akakura Onsentaki no yu - akakura onsen

Benefits: Effective against diabetes, external wounds, arteriosclerosis, gastrointestinal disorders, nervous disorders, rheumatism, hemorrhoids

Description: Opened in 1816, Akakura Onsen is the largest of Myoko's onsen, and one long popular with Japanese and international tourists. The Akakura Hot Spring is located at the foot of the 800-meter tall Mt. Myoko in Niigata Prefecture and draws its sulfate water from this mountain - one of the hundred famous mountains of Japan with a height of 2454 meters. The spring has two types of water quality and has a good reputation for making the skin beautiful while also curing wounds. The water is renown for its rejuvenating properties, so some Japanese names for it translate as “water for beautiful women” and “natural skin toner”. Taki no Yu (pictured at right) gets about 3000 litres per minute of gensen kakinagashi (pure onsen in and out). It is closed in winter

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Location: Shin-Akakura Village, Myoko-Kogen

Benefits: Effective against neuralgia, aching joints, frozen shoulder syndrome

shin akakura onsen

Description: This hot spring is located in the Shin-Akakura area between Akakura and Ikenotaira in the Akakan Ski Area. It was opened in 1929 by separating it from the Akakura Hot Spring which has its source in Mt. Myoko's northern Jigokudani Valley and Maeyama, a nearby mountain.

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Akakura Onsen Map

Myoko Onsen

Location: Myokokogen, Myoko City
Benefits: Effective in chills, nervous disorders, fatigue, rheumatism, chronic women’s diseases

Description: The source spring is located halfway up Mt. Myoko. This area has many hot springs, but Myoko Onsen is the only place where you can enjoy a full view of the beautiful mountain. This hot spring provides a soft, gentle stimulation to the skin—perfect for those who like a long, lingering soak.

Myoko Onsen

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Ike-No-Taira Onsen

Location Ikenotaira, Myokokogen, Myoko City Ikenotaira Onsen


Effective against chronic skin diseases, sensitivity to cold, nervous disorders, rheumatism, fatigue, chronic women’s diseases and neuralgia.

There are two public onsen in the area which is found on a plateau approximately 760 meters above sea level. Ike-no-Taira Onsen is located on of Mt. Myoko near Imori Ike (literally, "Salamander Pond") which has long been a symbol of Ikenotaira. The area is dotted with birch trees and has an almost European atmosphere. The 72-degree hot spring water, drawn from the Minamijigokudani Valley, has a sulfurous scent and creates unique black mineral deposits in the shape of flowers. Perfect for relaxing and recuperating from a days skiing or walking.

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Sekigawa Kyodo Yokujo

Myoko Onsen, Sekigawa, Myoko-shi, Niigata-ken
Skin disease, women's diseases


The spring water for Sekigawa Kyodo Yokujo is drawn through a pipe buried in the ground that extends approximately ten kilometres from the Minamijigokudani Valley in the Myoko mountain range. Although the temperature of the water at the source is 72℃, it cools down to approximately 50℃ by the time it arrives in Sekigawa. The water is known to feel smooth and gentle, warming up the body from inside. Approximately five minutes drive from Myokokogen Station Sekigawa Kyodo Yokujo

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Tsubame Onsen ("Ougon-no-yu" & "Kawara-no-yu")

Tsubame Onsen, Myoko City (燕温泉 - 黄金の湯)
Effective for rheumatism, neuralgia, gynecological problems and minor burns 
Set on a spectacular cliff-side setting, Tsubame Onsen has long been a destination for those desiring the road less traveled. The spring boasts white yubana (flower shaped crystals) in its mineral rich waters. The atmosphere here is somewhat nostalgic - reflecting a Japan of the post-war era. Some Tsubame Onsen hotels and facilities close here in the wintertime due to the famous heavy snows but others offer a unique wintertime experience - some only with access by snow cat. Ougon no Yu (pictured above), which has pools separated by bamboo mats, is one of the two free onsen that can be reached by hiking out on one of the trails leading up to Mt. Myoko from the top of the village area. Take the path to the left for about 3 minutes up a steep hill (the old ski area). The other, Kawara no Yu, is a konyoku rotemburo onsen (mixed gender outdoor bath). For this one you have to take the right track for about ten minutes, cross over a suspension bridge, then take the small river path to the left for about 5 minutes. Pack your own towels (and modesty).
Tsubame OnsenOugon no Yu - Tsubame Onsen

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Matsugamine Onsen

Location Eguchi, Nakago-ku, Joetsu City
Benefits Effective against cuts, burns and skin diseases
Description This onsen’s spring source contains low levels of edible salt.

Unohama Onsen

Location Kudohama, Ogata-ku, Joetsu City
Benefits Effective against cuts, burns, nervous disorders, rheumatism, skin diseases, chronic women’s diseases
Description Unohama Onsen is a small hot springs town with many inns. Enjoy a superb view of distant Sado Island as the sun sinks into the sea on the horizon.

Alpen Blick Hotel, Ikenotaira Onsen

Alpen Blick Hotel, Ikenotaira Ski Area Alpen Blick Onsen
Natural black mineral waters


The hotel has an indoor onsen on the bottom floor plus a small rotemburo (outside bath) on the third floor. Cost is 500 yen for casual use or free for hotel guests

Onsen Town, Japan

Renge Spa, Itoigawa

Renge Spa Hot Spring Onsen in Itoigawa
Location Himekawa, Itoigawa City
Access Catch a local bus (mid-July to mid-August) from Himekawa Station or a shuttle from Minami-Otari Station. See map (Japanese)
Benefits Unknown
Description Renge Spa is series of hot springs located high up in the mountains bordering Niigata and Nagano. There is one inside onsen plus a series of mixed outside onsen that require a hike of 5-10 minutes each. There is a basic hotel available to stay in for 9,000 yen p.p. including two meals. Onsen admission for adults - 800 yen and children - 400 yen. Please note the onsen is only open from late-spring to mid-autumn.
Itoigawa Hotel Book the Itoigawa Hotel
A local onsen inn with inside and outside onsen as well as a swimming pool. Five minutes by taxi from Itoigawa Station
Itoigawa Onsen

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